johnfuckingconstantine: (I didn't ask for sunshine)

The name is John Constantine

I'm not the nicest bloke, but I try me best

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Name:Sod off you wanker
Birthdate:May 10
Location:Mostly, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm a nasty piece of work.

John Constantine
Cynical British wanker. Magpie of Magic; takes what works for him
and discards the rest. Skilled magician. Academic of the arcane.
Con artist, exorcist, lying, theiving, asshole. Knower, not believer.
Lover of humanly things including but not limited to women, men
cigarettes, and alcohol. Cares too much. Won't admit it.
brilliant at pissing everyone off in under a minute.

Don't Call Me | Sod Off | Get Out (NSFW)

Muse and Mun over 18. No profit, blah, blah.
Re-read of Hellblazer in process. Knower of all canons if it so pleases you.
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